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NEW FOR 2016
Sanction money now taken out will be increased to 10%. Please read over our rule book there
have been modifications to all roping and steer wrestling events that the flag is on the
neckrope of the barrier and that the barrier pulled across the box is considered part of the
arena. A high priority for us is still humane conduct and this will include all livestock as well
as your own horses when inside our rodeo arena. Judges have the right to fine for anything
they see as unprofessional.  

Lack of Entries Rule
If fewer than four contestants per performance are entered in an event, that event may be
cancelled by the stock contractor/rodeo committee at the time entries close in that event.  
The minimum of contestants shall be determined by multiplying four times the number of
performances.  Re-entries will not be taken in that event if the event is cancelled due to lack
of entries.  If an event is canceled because there are not enough entries, the purse money for
that event may be used to put on an exhibition in that event.  Purse money not paid for
exhibitions will revert to the stock contractor/rodeo committee.  Should the stock
contractor/rodeo committee elect to have the event with fewer than four contestants entered
the payoff in that event will be 60% - 40%.

****If you are at the rodeo and Turn Out you still must pay your fees.

Everyone is allowed one (1) notified turnout for the year. This means that we must know that
you will not be attending the rodeo BEFORE we draw you a head of stock. If you do not get it
to us before then you owe your fees. If you have used up your notified turnout then every
time after that you must pay your fees.